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Comprehensive Psychological Evaluations


Comprehensive evaluations help to gain information about all domains of functioning.  This includes looking at cognitive skills, academic skills, academically adjacent skills (e.g., visual processing, visual/motor skills, auditory processing), language and social language skills, attention/executive functioning, and a full social/emotional evaluation (e.g., looking at characteristics of anxiety, depression, Autism, behavioral regulation, complex diagnoses).  Evaluations that are labeled "neuropsychological" or "psychoeducational" fall into this category.

Full cost (based on age of time of appointment- not time of scheduling):

   0-3     $2500 (see more about infant/toddler options here)

   4-5     $4500 (starting at age 4 through the end of Kindergarten)

   6+      $ 6500 (starting in 1st grade +) 


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