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Targeted Evaluations

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For individuals who do not need a full, comprehensive evaluation, there are options for targeted evaluations. The most common reasons include cognitive testing for school admissions, individuals with a previous diagnosis of Autism who require updated testing for insurance coverage of services, or individuals who have had recent testing completed but are looking for a second opinion or additional information.

Targeted evaluations are not available for all diagnostic questions.  For instance, an evaluation for AD/HD would best fall into the "comprehensive evaluation" category.  A targeted evaluation may tell us if there is/is not AD/HD; however, it would not tell us how the AD/HD impacts the individual or what else is going on if AD/HD is actually not present.


Cost varies depending on question.


Cost for cognitive evaluations only (This includes the testing, a narrative report, and an immediate discussion of results):

WISC-V    (ages 6-15:11):     $850

WPPSI-IV (ages 2:6-5:11):    $650


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