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Do you take insurance?

No.  I provide a superbill that you may submit to insurance afterwards.


Unfortunately, health insurance provides limits to the questions that we are able to answer.  If they provide coverage, they often limit the number of hours of testing to a small fraction of what is actually needed to provide an appropriate evaluation.  I cannot allow the limitations of insurance to dictate the process needed to provide the best evaluation possible.  In addition, one of the goals of our evaluation process is to find out what services will best support your child's development.  Going into the most appropriate services with a clear plan can save time and money in the long run (while reducing the stress of having an unclear plan).  

Do you provide treatment? 

No.  The evaluation will help you to determine what services your family may need and help to identify the specific goals for these services.  I will help you understand your path to receiving the most effective treatments to support your child and family.  

If you don't provide treatment, why don't I just start with treatment?

At times, this works completely appropriately- particularly if there is a clear area of focus. For instance, perhaps your child has slight anxiety, but otherwise is functioning really well.  Starting with therapy for anxiety may be the appropriate first step and an evaluation may not be needed.  On the other hand, humans are tricky and oftentimes things are not so clear.  The evaluation may be what is needed to help get those therapies on track to ensure that they are appropriate and effective.

How do you get children to participate in the evaluation?  I worry that my child will struggle!

I work with children all day every day (and have 4 of my own).  I have different tips and tricks to help children feel comfortable and to try to make the process fun for them.  Our evaluations are also very interactive and it is not a standardized test that just requires them to sit at a table and fill out answers. 

What if I don’t know what service I need?

Complete the inquiry form, call, or email me and I will help you to figure out the best service to meet your needs.  We will also have a brief discussion to ensure that I can meet your family's needs and that we are providing the most effective service.

Why do psychological evaluations cost so much?

Great question!  Comprehensive evaluations take a considerable amount of work. For every hour that I spend with your family, I spend about 30 minutes "behind the scenes" with scoring, record review, research, creation of your written report etc.  Most evaluations take between 10-20+ hours total when you include all aspects of the process.  

What if I have questions after the evaluation?

Going over the results of an evaluation can be overwhelming at times.  Not only do we have a full feedback session to review the results, but you have a comprehensive, written report that you will receive.  You are also able to contact me with questions after the evaluation is complete.  While I do not provide ongoing treatment, my goal is to help you gain a full understanding of the evaluation and recommendations.  

What is the best age to have my child evaluated?

Whenever it is needed.  I work with individuals of all ages.  "Watching and waiting" is generally not recommended and can lead to frustration and a lack of understanding of the person's needs.  Identifying any areas of concern and how to address them can be extremely helpful to your family.  In addition, really understanding someone's strengths and how to support them can be empowering.  

In addition, the goal of the evaluations is to identify what someone needs now. If your child is 2, this does not predict what they will need at the age of 16 (or even at the age of 6).  However, this allows us to develop a plan to best meet their needs at this stage of their development.  As things change, they may (or may not) need an evaluation in the future as things shift.  

​Some people are worried about putting their young child through the evaluation process.  The process contains activities, play, and prizes!  Most kids actually like the process and it is a fun experience.  

​Sometimes, there are some activities that are not so fun- such as a comprehensive evaluation of the components of reading for a child who is struggling with this area; however, my goal is to always praise the effort and to focus on making the experience positive.  

Older individuals are often aware that they are struggling.  Giving them an understanding of their difficulties and strengths can also help to empower them as they move forward.  

Do you evaluate adults?

I often evaluate college students who may be questioning if they meet criteria for AD/HD or are having other learning or social/emotional struggles that become more apparent after they leave home.

Beyond college students, I provide targeted evaluations surrounding Autism in adults.  

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